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Ode to an Unproductive Weekend

Well, the weekend has slowly, and I mean slowly, dwindled to an end. My "break" was devoted to cleaning the house, doing laundry, and cooking meals. Not that I'm complaining I like keeping the place clean, but I actually wanted to have fun this weekend. My wife was supposed to go to JMU to hang out with her best friend and I'm sorry she didn't get to because I know how much she misses her. But I will do my best to work so that she can get the gas money to go soon, hopefully before Turkey Day Break, because between Thanksgiving and X-Mas break, all of our money is being saved for the holidays.

But yea, the ode to a boring weekend has to be topped off by an even more lifesucking dilema, so I am sitting here at my computer typing 3 papers that I decided to put off until the last minute. Oh well, there will be an immenint update sometime later in the day.

Wish me luck....
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