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Double Whammy

Ok so here's how today went:
Went to bed at 3 am just to get up at 830
Went to US History for a test that, might I add, was not put together very well. Needless to say I think I did pretty well. Next class was Microeconomics, where another test was waiting for me. Throughout all of the crazy wording of the multiple choice, and the brain fart that came across my head during both of the essays, my professor decided to come back and hit me over the head with my own spiral, because I showed him the wording errors that he made. All that aside, I think I did reasonably well, if not pretty good on the test. Well then Jenn and I got some lunch and went to work, where I spent 3 hours re-arranging the side register food, sodas, and other crap behind the counter. Calculus couldnt have been more boring if I was already asleep. Needless to say, I survived by playing dots with Jenn during class.
Now I am supposed to be cleaning the den and kitchen, while Jenn takes care of the laundry and bedroom. The office is in a category of its own, and needs its own day to be straightened. Procrastination may once again solve the problem of cleaning our cluttered apartment.

It seems that we will survive to see another day, so I guess I should go get started on some cleaning. At least the apartment will be clean, again, at last.
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